More About Me

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I am an organizer of people and layouts.
I am circling back from non-profit organizing to pursue my passion in what I end up doing anyway in any job; design.

With an educational background in communication design, and a career background in community organizing, I know how to leverage verbal and visual  storytelling to inspire people to become involved with an organization by representing their unheard stories. Being involved in a electoral campaign that was pioneering how to activate new voters by using cultural competence and language diversity, and working with a labor organization that represents the varied coalition identity of Asian American Pacific Islanders, has honed my ability to make print and digital design that makes people with vastly different perspectives feel seen and understood.

I am also an aspiring GM (game master) for multiple table top role playing games.

I want to work with people that can befriend my brain. As a third culture kid, I am interested in opportunities almost anywhere. I would be happy to send my resume and expanded portfolio on request. Please email me at: